"Fill Me In" is the debut single by British singer Craig David from his debut album Born to Do It. The song successfully launched the career of Craig David making him the youngest solo artist at the time to have his debut single peak at number one on the UK Singles Chart beating Sweet Female Attitude's "Flowers". The success of his debut, which was written almost entirely by Craig David and Mark Hill of The Artful Dodger, led to the May 2001 US release of "Fill Me In", where it reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rafwat & Chorniy teamed up to take on this big R&B record from a decade ago, and the final result is a deep, eerie and melodic sound that works seamlessly with the haunting vocal of David, that is looped and re-worked to create a fantastic groove throughout the entire 9+ minute effort. Enjoy the free download from the boys in Toronto.